Lily Zobler

Hello, I am Lily!
I am honored to have been elected as president and I look forward to a challenging year filled with learning and growth. We have a wonderful sense of community in our cohort, which is bolstered by our NSSLHA chapter. My vision for our NSSLHA chapter is an inclusive community of passionate students, where we provide support for growth. I believe in my fellow officers and their abilities to collaborate and contribute to this program. My role is the conductor for our organization, allowing each voice to be heard and brought together in harmony.
I transfered to SFSU last year and I have enjoyed the past year immensly! I am most intrigued by traumatic brain injury, voice disorders, and accent modification. Outside of academia, I love to cook for people and to sing for my cat, Ben. You can find me doing both on most days. I cherish the relationships that have developed during my time in San Francisco and I am excited for another wonderful year!


Alex Moreland

Hello! My name is Alex Moreland, and I’m the Vice President of NSSLHA. I’m so excited to be working with all you wonderful human beings! I’m in this major because I love helping people, and I’m very interested with working with adults with Traumatic Brain Injury. When I was younger, my martial arts instructor was in a terrible motorcycling accident and got a Traumatic Brain Injury; but now after many years of speech therapy sessions, he found his voice again. This struck me as beautiful, and I want this for everyone I can help. I think NSSLHA is a huge opportunity where we can help people in need. It is rewarding in itself, especially when I’m working with my friends. There is a sense of community, where we not only want to volunteer, but also we want to help our students succeed. I’ve never been in an actual environment where this kind of community exists, and I’m so happy that this is something that I’m involved in. In my free time, I play video games, spend time with my boyfriend, spend time with my friends, study with friends, or sleep. With all that being stated, I will do everything in my power to arrange volunteering events and fulfill the duties that the Vice President does. Also, if anyone on the team needs help, let me know. I want this to be a happy, open environment for all students!


Rosa Sambuceto

Hello, my name is Rosa! I am very excited to be this year’s NSSLHA secretary. I am double majoring in Communicative Disorders and English with an emphasis in Linguistics. I love the classes within the Communicative Disorders major because the professors create curriculums that their students can relate to. My passion for speech therapy has grown with every course I've taken. I'm currently a Behavior Technician at Gateway, I work with children on the autism spectrum. It's so rewarding to see the change I'm able to make in these children's lives. With this experience, I hope to become a Speech Language Pathologist and work with children on the autism spectrum.


Jessica Oldham

Hello! My name is Jessica I became interested in pursuing a career in speech pathology when I was a senior in high school. After getting private and in school services for speech when I was a child it dawned on me that I could give back to a community whom helped shape me as a person way back when. Throughout life I have always had a passion for wanting to help others and going into this field is a way to do just that. I want people who are receiving speech services that I too was once in their shoes and be able to give them the confidence to succeed in life. I am so lucky to have stumbled upon this great journey and be a part of NSSLHA during my time at San Francisco State University. In my free time, I enjoy going to different coffee shops and going on car rides down the coast.


Kristin Howard

Hi I’m Kristin. I first became interested in the field of speech pathology after working at an elementary school during high school and knew it was what I wanted to do. After looking into the profession more, I knew I wanted to focus on working with kids in this field. I love our major because of the tight community, and because of the impact speech pathologists make in society. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, hiking, playing tennis and spending time with family and friends.


Edric Sedeño

Hello! My name is Edric, I am your new career advocate officer for NSSLHA. I am from a town in West LA called Culver City. I chose CD as a second major after taking CD 300 with a wonderful professor that encouraged me to join the program. When I have free time, and not working, I like to volunteer at the SFSPCA and do all sorts of outdoor activities. I ran for this position because I would like to learn more about the many career paths after undergrad and help others find their paths as well. I enjoy helping others so don’t be shy if you have any questions, I am always here to help!


Olivia Conner

Hi! My name is Olivia Conner and I will be serving as the Student Liaison for the coming year. After getting the opportunity to observe a speech pathologist a few years ago, I became inspired to become one myself. The first year of this program has taught me so much more about the profession and has continued to motivate me. After attending an amazing workshop at the state CSHA conference, I became more interested in specializing in voice disorders and brain damage. I am looking forward to volunteering and observing in the hospital setting this year.
Along with being a member of NSSLHA, I also work at Starbucks as a supervisor and at a speech pathology private practice as an aid. I enjoy spending my free time with friends and family or exploring the amazing city around us. I am thrilled to be able to serve this organization and am committed to creating a welcoming environment for the incoming cohort.


Maline Medina

My name is Maline Medina and I’m lucky enough to be one of your new CSHA Representatives! I’ve already been affiliated with the CSHA organization for 2 years now since my SLPA license is governed by them (CEU wise). My focuses for the future are in articulation disorders and TBIs. I’m currently working as a babysitter for two wonderful families, caring for their 4-year-old daughters, as well as practicing therapy as an in-home Speech-Language Pathology Assistant through Jennifer Katz Inc.
I love this major because of how much of an impact we can instill unto others. My older brother was born with a loss of oxygen and because of it he has a learning disability, so growing up all he had was speech therapy. I love that to this day; he is incredibly articulate and is constantly working to be a better person. I owe many thanks to his therapists and hope too someday make that same impact.

Lindsay Johnson

Hi! My name is Lindsay Johnson and I'm a senior in the Communicative Disorders major at SFSU! I am thrilled to join the NSSLHA club as one of the CSHA representatives this year to become more involved with this wonderful resource for students pursuing this field of work. I am passionate about Speech Language Pathology, school, and serving my community via volunteering for many Bay Area organizations close to my heart.
I am looking forward to meeting more like minded students and being involved with my cohort this year and can't wait to enjoy this next chapter and see where it takes all of us!  


Rosella Madrigal

Hello everyone! My name is Rosella Madrigal and I'm excited to be a NSSLHA officer. I'm completely in love with my major since the first day and I feel so welcomed among my classmates who share the same dreams as me. The reason why I want to become a SLP is because my little brother has a speech impairment himself; he is my motivation and everything I do is for him. My biggest wish is for him to be able to find a way to communicate with us. My dad always says: "When you become a SLP your brother will be your first patient." and I cannot wait until that day comes. Since my senior year of high school until my sophomore year of college I have volunteer in several hospitals, I aspire to work within the medical field in the future because I just feel like home every time I get to wear scrubs or walk around a hospital. I would also like to provide services in Spanish since that's my native language and eventually learn a third language. In my free time, I enjoy to read novels, or cook for my family.


Ina Saluta

Hello! My name is Ina Saluta. I am a transfer student from San Diego. I decided to take this major because I have always wanted to help others and work with kids. So far I would like to work with elementary school kids and middle schoolers. Another reason why I like this major is because one of my uncles is a Speech Pathologist at a middle school and I thought that it's a great way to work with kids. In my free time, I like to watch movies, visit family and friends who live in the area, explore San Francisco, find good places to eat, find ways to volunteer, and exercise. I hope to gain more experience, friends, and knowledge about the major by being a part of NSSLHA. I can't wait to work with everyone and make our year exciting and fun!

Lily Acuna

Hello, my name is Lily Acuna and I will be acting as one of the Social Chairs of NSSLHA next year! I transferred in as a junior from Long Beach City College and was initially introduced to communicative disorders and speech pathology through clients at my job. Back in Long Beach, I was an employee of the Parks & Recreation department as a lifeguard, swim instructor, and sailing instructor for the last seven years. It was though my time working with a diverse group of children that the need for SLPs was brought to my attention. I have always been drawn to children on the autism spectrum and other disabilities. Being able to give these children opportunities to participate in activities that they otherwise wouldn't be able to has inspired me to help them in a different way. I have recently been hired by a company called ACES as an Autism Behavioral Analyst. When I'm not working or in school I enjoy exploring San Francisco's food and music culture and sailing in the bay. I am very much looking forward this next year as an Officer!

Membership Chair

Montana Jewett


Patti Solomon-Rice, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Patti is honored and excited to be NSSLHA’s advisor! She is an associate professor and the CD clinic director in the Communicative Disorders Program. She currently teaches graduate courses in advanced clinical skills and motor speech disorders, and each semester she supervises a toddler clinic at one of SFSU’s two early childhood education centers. She is also the co-project director of Project Building Bridges, a federal grant that trains graduate students in the knowledge and skills needed to provide services for culturally and linguistically diverse children benefitting from augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). In addition to these administrative, teaching and grant responsibilities, she conducts research in early intervention AAC. Patti is also an avid professional volunteer. She is one of two speech-language pathologists in California appointed to the state licensing board, the Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers Board. She completed a 4-year term on the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Board of Ethics in 2016, having served as 2015 chair. She also served as a 2017 ASHA convention topic co-chair for language in infants, toddlers and preschoolers. In 2017 she began a 4-year term on ASHA’s Council for Clinical Certification (CFCC). Patti is very proud of our outstanding NSSLHA officers, who are clearly demonstrating their own interest and enthusiasm as student volunteers!